One Perfect Day

Posted on February 17, 2011


Firstly, thanks so much for your lovely comments and adding me to your blog rolls, RSS feeds etc. You made my day.

Well, here are the latest from Rupert Street Studio. Had the best day tucked up in my vaguely air-conditioned studio looking over rooftops (kind of) and playing with the new Senneliers.  All accompanied by groovy music. Makes me feel very lucky to be able to spend the day this way.

The first piece is of a bay down in Albany (Two People’s Bay I think), the second is what remains of a larger one that I couldn’t stand (done on heavily textured watercolour paper) and the final work is of a shot I took down in Albany 2 years ago on Australia Day. Couldn’t believe my luck at finding such a perfect combination of, what has to be said are quite possibly, my favourite colours. A bloody glorious morning. AMC will remember..

P.S I haven’t signed these yet. My favourite Pastels teacher would be cross with me 🙂

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