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Indian summer

March 31, 2011


 Imagine stretching back after a hard day’s swimming, driving and eating on an unseasonally warm autumn break about this time last year, catching wafts of barbequeing sausages and sipping from a cold beer on the front deck-lette of a little caravan and taking in this view. So glad there is one tiny undeveloped pocket of […]

Left or right?

March 27, 2011


Well, my friends, thought you might like to take a little test to see if you are left  or right brained or pretty much both. I made up the pic above especially to illustrate this post, hope you appreciate the effort (right-brained?). I am a sucker for these short quizzes. This one was sent […]


March 25, 2011


Had to share this Leunig cartoon with you… Mum cut it out of the SMH and posted it to me (as she is technologically challenged). We both thought it was great. Just a little giggle for a Friday, it’s the end of the work week after all. BTW, did you notice the pattern in the thumbnail pic […]

All at sea

March 23, 2011


I took the close-up image above of a fairly large-scale work called “Lifeboat” by a group of WA art students (Marwa Fahmy, Stephen Genovese, Elizabeth Marpole and Kate Parker) at the Sculptures by Sea exhibition recently. Then played around with the gamma settings to get the range of tones above. I really like the origami look of […]

Poster child

March 20, 2011


You’ll have to excuse me this little bit of parochialism… went down to Cottesloe beach on Fri to see the “Sculptures by the Sea” exhibition and found this rather gaily-striped swimmer’s set up that caught my eye. (The sculptures did too but more of that later.) This afternoon, I spent some time playing with the […]

Menton mignon

March 13, 2011


Do you ever wish you could click your fingers (or the heels of your red shoes) and escape to the south of France? Good, so I’m not alone there. Here are two versions of the same pastel but one with the saturation and contrast cranked way up. The first more accurately reflects the overcast day […]

Well spotted

March 11, 2011


Remember the place I showed you in my last post? Well these are some of views from the top of their water tank. I used the last one as a subject for a pastel in last week’s class using an olive green sheet of paper. I tried to emulate our lovely teacher Brian, who believes […]

T is for…

March 9, 2011


.. many things e.g. teapot, tractor, tangerine but in this case it is for Tasmania where I was lucky enough to travel to, about this time last year. The pics above were taken at a winery but I have to admit my focus was on the house (and outbuildings) rather than the tastings. It was […]

A True Diamond

March 7, 2011


A big, beautiful bunch of thank you flowers for my friend Jules @theDiversionProject (and in real life) for her lovely shout out about my just-finding-its-legs blog. She has been such a diamond, guiding me through and helping me create my own little place in cyberspace with loads of love and encouragement. Thanks also to the guys […]

Wide Open Road

March 6, 2011


Do you ever feel like busting out? Well today my friend Jules and I did. In a relaxed, we’ve-got-no-agenda kind of way. With a ‘we-can-go-wherever-the-road-takes-us-and-who-cares-where-we-end-up’ type of abandon. Sure, we only had 9 hrs, but I think it’s the attitude that counts, right? I thought I’d illustrate this with one of my more recent lino prints based […]