Wide Open Road

Posted on March 6, 2011


Do you ever feel like busting out? Well today my friend Jules and I did. In a relaxed, we’ve-got-no-agenda kind of way. With a ‘we-can-go-wherever-the-road-takes-us-and-who-cares-where-we-end-up’ type of abandon. Sure, we only had 9 hrs, but I think it’s the attitude that counts, right?

I thought I’d illustrate this with one of my more recent lino prints based on a photo I took back in gorgeous Ireland a few years ago. I’ve used grey Stonehenge paper for this one but have some printed on white too. Not sure which I prefer.

These are the first clouds I’ve attempted in print form… hmmm maybe there’s a theme developing here? Hard to make them look fluffy and soft with linocuts though :o)

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