T is for…

Posted on March 9, 2011


.. many things e.g. teapot, tractor, tangerine but in this case it is for Tasmania where I was lucky enough to travel to, about this time last year. The pics above were taken at a winery but I have to admit my focus was on the house (and outbuildings) rather than the tastings. It was a glorious summer’s day and the view from this place is gorgeous. I will post them next and you can see the little pastel my photos inspired.

When you look at the property prices down there it is very tempting (another ‘t’ word) to sell up and move to something similar of my very own (ok, probably on a lot less grand scale). I try to remind myself that the autumn and winter months might be a bit too much for me to bear.. maybe one day when I have a helicopter to get me to the coast and can spend the other six months of the year in Positano?

It could happen    . .

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