Well spotted

Posted on March 11, 2011


Remember the place I showed you in my last post? Well these are some of views from the top of their water tank. I used the last one as a subject for a pastel in last week’s class
using an olive green sheet of paper.

I tried to emulate our lovely teacher Brian, who believes that pastels are like a game of cards… a good one is a quick one. He is always on about using intuition, not thinking too much and accessing the inner artist who already knows what to do. That approach is pretty foreign for an over-thinker like me, but I gave it a crack in his honour and was kind of happy with the look.
(What?! No blending?)

For those of you playing ‘spot-the-difference’ you may notice that I’ve left out the incredibly tall trees in the mid-ground and the sheds etc. Not sure if one day I’ll pop them in or not.
(Brian says if I left them out then it was probably for a reason…)

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