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Man & moment

April 19, 2011


Found this portrait by Sarah Shatz, photographer of yesterday’s hero, Richard McGuire the illustrator. (I had to crop the top part off, apologies Sarah. If you click on her link, you can see it in its entirety.) Pretty great, huh?

Talented guy

April 18, 2011


How good is this cover on the first issue of The New Yorker for 2011? It is titled “Happy New Decade” by illustrator Richard McGuire.  Here are some more of his, the front and back of a CD he designed for a band he plays bass in: Wonder what the music is like? Bound to be […]

Gazing upwards

April 14, 2011


As the weather is turning thought I’d post some suitably-coloured images that I shot around the neighbourhood the other evening. I like the contrast of the russet and yellow with the varying shades of blue and the feathery form. Simple things…

Eureka moment

April 10, 2011


Here is my new-old table lamp. In the spirit of make-do-&-mend I re-fashioned a solid, carved wood lamp base with ancient wiring I found in a verge clean-up into the perfect lightsource for my dining room. The limitations I gave myself: must have the items needed in my house at that moment and could only […]

City light/s

April 8, 2011


Is it just me or does this light make you want to sit in the armchair underneath and pen your memoirs/chat over the phone to a long-lost friend/slowly sip a sticky? Takes me back to my old industrial design study days. Seems so soft and pretty and I definitely want to reach out and touch it […]

Big blue jug

April 6, 2011


Acrylics. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you want to leave their caps off and let them dry to death slowly. Does that sound a little mean or unbalanced? Hope not. I guess the idea of painting quickly with limited blending possibilities has its uses. The painting above, on board, was based on a photo of […]

Orange & about

April 2, 2011


Sometimes it’s just fun to play. Sometimes that may be with your friend’s brand new digital SLR. Sometimes it is close to home and with whatever subjects you can find. P.S. Can you spot the little creature in the last pic? In the high-res pic you can count his legs.