Big blue jug

Posted on April 6, 2011


Acrylics. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you want to leave their caps off and let them dry to death slowly. Does that sound a little mean or unbalanced? Hope not. I guess the idea of painting quickly with limited blending possibilities has its uses.

The painting above, on board, was based on a photo of a jug, mugs and a tray (no!) I saw in a home interiors magazine a while ago that really appealed to me. The colours and form were calling my name. I added in the background with a little inspiration from Eduoard Benedictus (1878-1930), an Art Deco designer from Paris.

I experimented by under-painting the entire surface in varying shades of blue. The result is vaguely reminscent of the dark outlines of some of the forms in Margaret Preston’s later still-life works. (I was reading a book about her at the time…)

P.S. Couldn’t finish without a little shout out to Deb, a talented artist, who I was with when I painted this. Hope to see more of her work soon.

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