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Hidden cove

June 30, 2011


Some summer-y goodness for those in the grip of winter. Imaging strolling along with the white sand scrunching underfoot as you stumble on the perfect private swimming spot. No bathers required.

Dream designs

June 27, 2011


Here are my new pillowslips – something a little more striking and warm for the winter months. A bit of a habit of mine to buy new ones when I feel like refreshing my favourite place without spending hundreds of dollars on the entire bedlinen set. The colouring reminds me of this pic of a […]

Winter cheeriness

June 18, 2011


This is what happened at my last pastel class when I decided I wasn’t in the right headspace to work on my current painting of double carnations. I drew over an old (diabolical) acrylic painting that was recently covered in clear Colourfix and must having been feeling the vibe from our primary school surrounds. As I worked away, I […]

Maritime love

June 16, 2011


 A special little find from art markets in Amsterdam  George Seurat’s  “Entree du port de Honfleur” and an original oil painting by Will Chown that I found down in Ballingup during my “Wide Open Road” trip with my friend Jules, all live together on top of the bureau in my bedroom to provide a sea view.

Glass half full

June 12, 2011


Ahh. The last days of summer. A glass of crisp rose and a glorious warm sunset. Oh, and the company; I wasn’t drinking alone, people. One of my favourite memories from the season. (Surprised my little pixelly-challenged phone camera could almost capture it.)

F is for…

June 10, 2011


One of my favourite Victoria Roberts cartoons (…and not just because the imaginary friends are bow-tie wearing bunnies). This is in honour of my lovely friends, thankfully they are very much real and I’m very lucky to have them. You know who you are.

Afternoon light

June 9, 2011


  Sorry I’ve been a bit neglectful of this blog lately. Have had a few things going on and needed to focus my energies elsewhere. Back now though, so hopefully you’re all still around because I’ve missed our conversations. (I would insert a little smile in here but this blog makes them into smiley emoticons […]