Winter cheeriness

Posted on June 18, 2011


This is what happened at my last pastel class when I decided I wasn’t in the right headspace to work on my current painting of double carnations. I drew over an old (diabolical) acrylic painting that was recently covered in clear Colourfix and must having been feeling the vibe from our primary school surrounds. As I worked away, I saw a bit of a patchwork quilt theme emerge so emphasised this by adding a white ‘stitching’ pattern.

My main aim was to change the composition of the acrylic painting that was still showing through and I think I managed this. Other than that I just wanted to be spontaneous with colour and not worry about the outcome.

Add to this some pumpkin soup, warm crusty bread, a bright sunroom, mellow music and make yourself a cheery winter fortress… it’s Saturday after all.

Posted in: Painting, Pastels