Birds of Paradise

Posted on July 17, 2011


If you have an exceptional memory you may remember that in my New Prints – peek post, part of one of these linoprints featured. I always intended to colour these later and that’s what I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon doing last weekend. This was my first experience of inks and I used Dr.Martin’s India Inks (a US brand). A bit harder to remove from the pallette once dried than watercolour but with more vibrancy when dry on paper. (Which is the important thing of course.)

I took the photos as part of series of images (another of which was in my post Orange & About) with my lovely friend Collette’s camera way back in April. So… one camera, an autumn evening, two blogs and a few hours hours later we have these.

I kinda like it when you can trace pieces back to the moment of their inception.

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