My first book?

Posted on November 5, 2011


I was chatting to a friend last weekend and she was telling me about how her little girl was having nightmares about their vacuum cleaner (she is frightened by the noise) when I had a sudden flash back to one of my favourite books when I was a child. Wow. It must have made a big impression – I could still picture some of the vivid illustrations after about 35yrs.

It was first published when I was one, so perhaps I got it for a first birthday present? Or maybe it was a best-seller in the 70s and I got it a couple of years later. I remember being a little scared of the vacuum cleaner but I can’t remember whether it was because of this book or the actual machine.

Regardless I could sympathise with little Ruby.

The blurb on the book is:

While recuperating from the mumps at the zoo keeper’s home, a penguin meets a strange animal called a vacuum cleaner.

It is such a charming story.

P.S. Just checked to see if I could find a copy and this small piece of nostalgia could set me back between $100-477!

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