From go to whoa

Posted on March 28, 2012


Ready, steady..

OK this is the set up with the painting’s subject, a photo taken in St.Paul de Vence a few years ago.
(A truly picturesque mediaeval hill top village in the south of France, home to the famous La Colombe d’Or)

After drawing it in with faint light grey pencil I popped in some of the lighter shades, shadows and background

(ooh a close up)

almost done (all the green foliage added in)…

now with all the final details in like the bouganvillea and the church bell

and finally, nestled in its new frame.

This went to a special person as a thank you for all her kindness. She told me today she has replaced a painting in a gold frame that she has been a little ambivelent about for years with this and she is really happy with result. I’m so pleased.

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