Sisters, doing it

Posted on July 4, 2012


A spot of delicious colour and pattern for you today Digest followers. Have been meaning to share the work of Collier Campbell wth you (for those who are unfamiliar) ever since I reaccquainted myself with their divine work back in Feb. The images of the bed linen at the bottom of this post are there because I had to show you the pillowcases I bought from the UK (cheapest item of theirs I could find).

If I ever decide to spoil myself when I am in London later on in the year, that Savoy Pop design cashmere scarf could be just the thing.

‘Since the 1960s English sisters Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell have been producing iconic hand-painted textiles for the world’s top fashion houses and leading retailers.
Their collection of silk dress fabrics caught the eye of Yves St. Laurent and he commissioned them to design his first ready to wear collection.
Many of their designs have become classics and they have won countless awards.’ (

P.S. These images are just the tip of the iceberg. Would love to share so many more with you. Do yourself a favour and type in their names in your search engine of choice.