veles e vents

Posted on February 10, 2014






Last night was pretty spectacular. Fireworks on this scale are guaranteed to make me feel like an excited child (the way not many others things do). Opening night of the Perth International Arts Festival went off with a bang (someone had to say it..) and once again my trusty Samsung phone came to the rescue.

I was struck by the fact that some people’s work To-Do list has ‘make a magical ship sail the oceans and set the sky ablaze’ on it. I’m really grateful that artists and their supporters exist.

Hats off to the Spaniards in this particular instance.

{Created in 1994 to mark the opening of the Channel Tunnel, Xarxa Teatre took the idea for Veles e Vents from the work of Valencian poet Ausiàs March, bringing to its audiences an idyllic but at the same time apocalyptic sea; a sea that is the source of life and the space connecting cultures, but also a sea that is being destroyed, turned into a nuclear graveyard and constantly on fire as a result of oil tanker catastrophes. The environmental message is more evident today than ever before, as is the dramatic staging. Pyrotechnics and moving components accompany the vessel in its crossing, an idyllic sailing ship that in a matter of seconds is transformed into an oil tanker.}


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