I live in the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth, Western Australia, amongst a really great community of friends and artists. In my mid-to-late thirties I’ve finally decided to follow my passion and see where I end up. I have a feeling it will be a good place.

I can’t believe how many great people I’ve met so far.

When I was 10, Dad used to tell me to stop painting and get to bed. (I used to love using my aquarelle pencils to create vivid sunsets over rolling green hills.) So I’ve been rebelling ever since studying art, graphic design, product design, drawing & rendering and ‘workshop-ping’ my way through most media; so far my favourites are printmaking, pastels, oils and watercolours.

Being easily distracted by a new medium and lured by the excuse to buy more art materials, I can be a bit of an art tart, but hopefully one day I’ll find my niche (and a proper studio…).

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  1. Hi L, you’ve inspired me to pull my finger out… check out michaelhuppatz.com and tell me what you think
    M x


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