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Winter cheeriness

June 18, 2011


This is what happened at my last pastel class when I decided I wasn’t in the right headspace to work on my current painting of double carnations. I drew over an old (diabolical) acrylic painting that was recently covered in clear Colourfix and must having been feeling the vibe from our primary school surrounds. As I worked away, I […]

Afternoon light

June 9, 2011


  Sorry I’ve been a bit neglectful of this blog lately. Have had a few things going on and needed to focus my energies elsewhere. Back now though, so hopefully you’re all still around because I’ve missed our conversations. (I would insert a little smile in here but this blog makes them into smiley emoticons […]

Help needed

May 25, 2011


OK, because you guys were so great at suggesting titles for my previous abstract pastel, would you be able to suggest any thoughts for this? I really enjoyed painting this; so relaxing when you can be a bit more intuitive and not have to study tiny details to try to replicate. I will do another […]

Let’s go surfing

May 23, 2011


Here is my first ever wave in pastels, done very quickly in class. We had to use a white background first and then repeat the exercise on a burnt red background.  

Indian summer

March 31, 2011


 Imagine stretching back after a hard day’s swimming, driving and eating on an unseasonally warm autumn break about this time last year, catching wafts of barbequeing sausages and sipping from a cold beer on the front deck-lette of a little caravan and taking in this view. So glad there is one tiny undeveloped pocket of […]

Menton mignon

March 13, 2011


Do you ever wish you could click your fingers (or the heels of your red shoes) and escape to the south of France? Good, so I’m not alone there. Here are two versions of the same pastel but one with the saturation and contrast cranked way up. The first more accurately reflects the overcast day […]

Well spotted

March 11, 2011


Remember the place I showed you in my last post? Well these are some of views from the top of their water tank. I used the last one as a subject for a pastel in last week’s class using an olive green sheet of paper. I tried to emulate our lovely teacher Brian, who believes […]