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veles e vents

February 10, 2014


Last night was pretty spectacular. Fireworks on this scale are guaranteed to make me feel like an excited child (the way not many others things do). Opening night of the Perth International Arts Festival went off with a bang (someone had to say it..) and once again my trusty Samsung phone came to the rescue. I […]

Extreme close-up

July 5, 2013


Selfies I can’t get excited about, but check out this fellow. Have you ever seen anything as amazing? He is super small, with a 2cm wingspan. I have no idea what species he is but he was waiting on my wall at the foot of my stairs the other morning and patiently endured this photo […]

Fresh meat

July 2, 2013


Mmmm… nothing says ‘maybe I have some more options of painting subject matter now’ than 25 new 8″x10″ prints of photos I’ve taken in the last year or so. Not to say that some of them are more challenging than others. And who knows which will make the cut? Sometimes the worst part of wanting […]


February 27, 2013


Just on my way home…

cloud painting

February 19, 2013


  What a sky, eh? Sometimes with evening skies I feel that if you represented them accurately no-one would think the painting believable. There is something about the first image which reminds me of the kind of ‘heavenly skies’ you see in baroque church ceilings. (Whose colours always seemed a little ‘heightened’, if you’ll pardon the […]


January 8, 2013


Happy New Year to you all! Hope you have had as much fun as I have over the break. Wanted to share some beautiful cooling images with you today if it is 38 or 42 degrees (or any number over 25) wherever you are. They are from my summer holiday in Esperance, WA. Mostly taken at […]

Hidden lady

November 16, 2012


Can you see her? Wonder what she’s doing there and where she came from? I spent some time as a ‘tourist’ showing one of my dearest friends around a few months ago and took the opportunity to re-look at what was around. Sounds cliched but always more to discover…

Back lane #1

July 7, 2012


the last days of

May 30, 2012


…Autumn is a magical time… wanted to share these with you before the season officially changes. Where I am we are having the most divine sunny days. These leaves are from my garden, the colour and tonal variation seem almost too good to be true. (This post is for my lovely neighbour Gill with whom I share a tree.) Listen […]

Taking stock

April 15, 2012


Famous for its sweetly scented flowers, this genus of 55 species of annuals, perennials, and subshrubs is a member of the cabbage (Brassicaceae) family. The species are native to Europe, central and southwestern Asia, and North Africa. Also known as stock or gillyflower, these plants are traditional favorites that are popular for cut flowers and […]