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Back lane #1

July 7, 2012



the last days of

May 30, 2012


…Autumn is a magical time… wanted to share these with you before the season officially changes. Where I am we are having the most divine sunny days. These leaves are from my garden, the colour and tonal variation seem almost too good to be true. (This post is for my lovely neighbour Gill with whom I share a tree.) Listen […]

Taking stock

April 15, 2012


Famous for its sweetly scented flowers, this genus of 55 species of annuals, perennials, and subshrubs is a member of the cabbage (Brassicaceae) family. The species are native to Europe, central and southwestern Asia, and North Africa. Also known as stock or gillyflower, these plants are traditional favorites that are popular for cut flowers and […]


March 30, 2012


This photo is by Petr Kratochvil of chimneys at a coal-fired power plant. I think this image is just beautiful. P.S. This is my 80th post, would you believe? (Yay me.)

Twilight magic

March 15, 2012


Tonight I realised a very long-held dream of going twilight sailing on the Swan. It was a perfect night for it – balmy and just enough breeze. The boat in the last picture is called “Stress Management”. I reckon.

Open for business

February 21, 2012


Well OK, it was a Saturday afternoon. And good to see that some places in regional Australia still celebrate the weekend. This is the quick watercolour I did the other day when I felt if I didn’t do something soon my creative urge would refused to be ignored for a moment longer and I might start painting the […]

The slow lane

February 15, 2012


Could any day that started with this and ended with this be anything other than lovely? Tried a different location for my morning macchiato today, so glad I did. Ahh the serenity. And tonight after kayaking I managed to capture some of the amazing sunsets that seem to sneak up on us whilst our backs are turned. […]