Deep breath

June 18, 2013


Is there anything more daunting than this for an artist? Tell me it freaks you out too! And I thought choosing a subject was bad enough, especially when you are running late for class and can’t find anything that you remotely feel like painting. Do any of you recognise the image? (Tip: Seen on RSD […]

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Tempus fugit

June 17, 2013


As I’m reminded as I tear off another page from my Typodarium desk calendar… 365 different fonts, one day at a time. Well, back into the blog –  this is post no. 101, can you believe? Seems appropriate that it is numerically focused then. Looking forward to it being the 22nd June so the days […]

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February 27, 2013


Just on my way home…


February 23, 2013


The rough edges of the watercolour leaves are phenomenal aren’t they? Just some little sneak peaks at a watercolour of Provence at dusk. I literally closed the book on it a few weeks ago because it wasn’t working, but as I needed to make some marks on paper last night before drinks, (you know how […]

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cloud painting

February 19, 2013


  What a sky, eh? Sometimes with evening skies I feel that if you represented them accurately no-one would think the painting believable. There is something about the first image which reminds me of the kind of ‘heavenly skies’ you see in baroque church ceilings. (Whose colours always seemed a little ‘heightened’, if you’ll pardon the […]

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February 17, 2013


As promised. Harsh lighting in this photograph as it was taken around midday. Could have added more dark shadows etc to the rocks and foreground but happy enough with it as is. Enjoyed trying to match the colours for the beach foliage. Missing just the right grey-green (that mildew/lichen colour). Any suggestions, fellow pastel painters?

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2.52 – 4.29pm

January 23, 2013


For those of you not that turned on by beachscapes look away now.. There is another to come shortly. Seem to be a bit taken with old Lucky Bay. Akin to other WA pastel painter’s obsession with Rottnest? More of a loose painterly style with this. Thanks for all your lovely comments, and ‘likes’ they are very […]

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