February 23, 2013


The rough edges of the watercolour leaves are phenomenal aren’t they? Just some little sneak peaks at a watercolour of Provence at dusk. I literally closed the book on it a few weeks ago because it wasn’t working, but as I needed to make some marks on paper last night before drinks, (you know how […]

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cloud painting

February 19, 2013


  What a sky, eh? Sometimes with evening skies I feel that if you represented them accurately no-one would think the painting believable. There is something about the first image which reminds me of the kind of ‘heavenly skies’ you see in baroque church ceilings. (Whose colours always seemed a little ‘heightened’, if you’ll pardon the […]

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February 17, 2013


As promised. Harsh lighting in this photograph as it was taken around midday. Could have added more dark shadows etc to the rocks and foreground but happy enough with it as is. Enjoyed trying to match the colours for the beach foliage. Missing just the right grey-green (that mildew/lichen colour). Any suggestions, fellow pastel painters?

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2.52 – 4.29pm

January 23, 2013


For those of you not that turned on by beachscapes look away now.. There is another to come shortly. Seem to be a bit taken with old Lucky Bay. Akin to other WA pastel painter’s obsession with Rottnest? More of a loose painterly style with this. Thanks for all your lovely comments, and ‘likes’ they are very […]

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Petite maison

January 20, 2013


My lovely friend Jules (author of favourite interiors blog The Diversion Project) gave me some Fabriano pastel papers recently so I tried one on a grey paper with a speckle through it. The image is based on a photo taken in Provence at dusk but I had to play around with the composition – reverse a […]

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Fresh sketch

January 11, 2013


Just a little pastel sketch to brush off the cowebs and get used to colour selection etc.,. again. I used textured Canson Mi-Teintes paper (with a dark blue background) in A5 so a bit of a challenge to squeeze it all in. I used the ‘vellum’ side which produces the rough appearance – see previous post […]

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January 8, 2013


Happy New Year to you all! Hope you have had as much fun as I have over the break. Wanted to share some beautiful cooling images with you today if it is 38 or 42 degrees (or any number over 25) wherever you are. They are from my summer holiday in Esperance, WA. Mostly taken at […]

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Naughty or ..?

December 23, 2012


Just a little post to wish you all a great Christmas with your family (and/or relatives you’ve chosen for yourself).  Hope the day is relaxing and filled with just the right kind of spirit(s). (Will try to get another post in before the New Year.)

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Affaire d’honneur

December 7, 2012


  This cartoon from one of Punch magazine’s 1983 issues by Peter Birkett tickled me a little today. Idleness on a Friday… never!  

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Preston pencil

December 4, 2012


  Normally I wouldn’t put quite this much time into making a card for someone but it was for my mum’s birthday and she appreciated it. The image is based on a Margaret Preston oil which I loved. (I’ve cropped it slightly.) The woman is my favourite artist;  from her many, many still life paintings it […]

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