Fresh meat

Posted on July 2, 2013






Mmmm… nothing says ‘maybe I have some more options of painting subject matter now’ than 25 new 8″x10″ prints of photos I’ve taken in the last year or so. Not to say that some of them are more challenging than others. And who knows which will make the cut?

Sometimes the worst part of wanting to create a new artwork is not having a original image that you feel like spending hours and hours studying (whilst you paint it), or one that you want to spend months and years looking at (on a wall).

When I try to ‘freestyle’ something from my imagination it tends to look shite, so for now I need to work from an image. According to proper, grown-up artists, you should always create from your own image so the copyright is entirely yours. If this wasn’t the case, there are thousands of amazing photos out there that I’d happily copy. Trust me.