It’s criminal

Posted on February 15, 2011

6 much of a buzz I get from these beautiful, new, soft pastels that are finally mine. As of a few hours ago. I have been eyeing them off in my local art shop (Gill & Hille in you’re in the area) for weeks now. Decided I needed them as tomorrow has been declared “Pastels Day” (for those who aren’t aware..) so I will be spending 8 hrs or so with these new buddies. Part of the purchase justification was that they were a Plein Air set of half-pastels which would be a really good way to get a heap of suitable shades for my rural cloudscapes. So there, now I have no more excuses.. hope to show you some new studies soon.

P.S. Gill & Hille is run by Juanita Gill-Hille and her husband Murray Gill and it is one of my favourite shops.

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