For the love of…

Posted on February 24, 2011


.. stationery. OK. I admit, it is probably unnecessary to have 5 notebooks on the go at once. Ostensibly for slightly different content which of course allows for an never-ending number to be purchased. In fact I haven’t even included the BEST animal one which I will share one day. That’s still in its delicious cellophane wrapper, staying pristine for some new list or someone’s e-mail address or a sketch or…
Wonder sometimes in this e-world if pen and paper will survive. Seems easier to jot stuff down that wouldn’t warrant a whole new ‘Document’. Then again I’m not a tweeter or compulsive FB-er (the e-equivelent of jotting?) although I get the irony of writing this in a blog.
I bought the Liberty print one (above) just before Christmas, couldn’t leave the shop without it. My dear friend Catherine (who will never get around to reading this blog) gave me the golden Oriental one. At the moment it is my To Do list notebook. I can only write in that with my blue fountain pen and tick items off with a red biro.

It’s OK, I realise that I have a problem.

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